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Studies reveal that 80% of how long we live is based on how we live: our lifestyles, habits and culture.

Polly Mitchell is your full-time Urban Lifestyle Realtor…and condos are her specialty! She serves baby boomers who are ready for a new adventure in living. Polly knows that, unlike generations before them, boomers are living longer and healthier lives. They are making different choices about what they eat, where they live and how fully they want to live life.

Polly serves 3 premier Valley locations:




Each with its own personality and allure. Let Polly be your Realtor and Urban tour guide! She has the best listings and she’s done the research on the best morning latte, the hottest art gallery, the coolest jazz, and the most welcoming yoga studio for each location, giving you a jump-start while you take time to explore your new neighborhood.

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Are you ready to embrace an urban adventure? Let me be your guide!

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As the expert Realtor on Urban lifestyle, Polly is your best choice!

See her vast selection of sleek, urban, condo residences, starting at $350,000.

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